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    E 11 - 3 TESTS UNIT 7 - KEYS

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    Nguồn: st
    Người gửi: Nguyễn Thành Tâm
    Ngày gửi: 09h:40' 24-07-2013
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    Complete each of the sentences with the correct form of the verb in the box.
    increase expect decrease reach limit
    raise control populate support freeze
    North America was once widely populated by Native American tribes.
    The world`s population is expected to be over 7 billion by 2010.
    The population has increased from 1.2 million to 1.8 million.
    Water freezes at OoC.
    Parents should control what their kids watch on television.
    The number of new students decreased from 210 to 160 this year.
    My family have been raising sheep for over 60 years.
    How can we support our families on such low wages?
    Profits are expected to reach £2 billion this year.
    The role that women could play was socially limitted.
    Fill in the blank with a suitable word to complete the passage.
    China is the most populous country of the world. Its (1) population is approximately 1.3 billion people, which is almost 22% of the (2) world population. The population density is high in the southeast: 43 percent of the land contains most of its population. A quarter of the population (3) of China is in the middle and lower parts of the Yangtze River, and the population density (4) reaches 663 people per square kilometer. Shanghai is China`s largest city, (5) whose population density reaches 2,118 people per square kilometer.
    China`s population growth rate has (6) decreased in the past years, although its population is still increasing. In the 1970s, the government started to implement birth (7) control programs to the people: late marriage, late childbearing, a one-child family, and a four-year period between two (8) births in the countryside where each couple may have more than one child, According to the report of Major Figures of Population of China, the annual growth rate of China`s population (9) fell from 25.83% (in 1070) down to 11.21% (in 1994) and to 8.77% (in 1999) in the past 20 years. This should be (10) considered a great success.
    Underline the best answers.
    If you have left/ left home before I get there, I will/ would meet you at the airport.
    How will/ would your father react if you leave/ left school?
    If you will go/ go to England next month, you will/ must drive on the left.
    Were/ Was I your doctor, I`d insist that you stop smoking.
    You may/ might be sorry if you spend/ spent all your money.
    Will/ Can I use your computer, if I am/ were careful?
    Will/ Would people be able to fly if they have/ had feathers instead of hair?
    If anyone should/ might call, would you please take a message?
    If your mother is/ were here, I`m sure she won`t/ wouldn`t let you eat all those chocolates.
    Were they not/ Weren’t they rich, they couldn`t have gone to the USA
    for their holiday.
    Complete the sentences using one of the following pairs of verbs. Use the past unreal conditional.
    consider - be go - invite not promote – leave know - go.
    get - not have find - drive know - not take hit - not pull
    drive - not happen grow up - learn
    If you hadn’t been promoted, Would you have left the firm?
    I would have gone to the party last night if I had been invited.
    If I had known your father was in hospital, I would have gone to visit him.
    They might have found a better hotel if they had driven a few more kilometers.
    If I had known how difficult the job was, I wouldn’t have taken it.
    I`m sure we would have got lost if we hadn’t had a map.
    If you had driven more carefully, the accident wouldn’t have happened.
    If you had grown up in Japan, you might have learned Japanese.
    I might have considered taking the job if the salary had been higher.
    The child would have been hit by a car if her mother hadn’t pulled her out of the street.
    Put the verb into the correct form.
    If the earth suddenly stoped (stop) spinning we all would fly (fly) off it.
    If you smoke (smoke) in a non-smoking compartment the other passengers will/ may object (object).
    Wouldn’t your parents be (your parents/ not/ be) proud if they could see you now?
    If she hadn’t failed (not/ fail) one of her final exams she wouldn`t have had to spend part of the summer in college.
    I’ll lend you War and Peace if I have finished (finish) it before you go on holiday.
    If we worked (work) all night we could/ would finish (finish) in time;
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